Study Group Notes: 1 Nephi 22:1-3

(1) Is the question in verse 1 an honest question? Is Nephi showing us one of the times when Laman and Lemuel were being humble? Or is their question sarcastic? (What are you getting at this time Nephi?)

(2) Who are “my brethren” in verse 1? We always assume Laman and Lemuel — but could it have been Jacob & Joseph, or nephews, etc.? However, 2 Ne 5:19 might contest that.

(3) Is there a difference between “meaneth” and “understood”? Does meaneth refer to a direct referent/what it means in its original text, and “to be understood” refer to an interpretation/what Nephi is hoping to get out of it?

(4) Nephi’s response in verse 2 doesn’t seem to follow from their questions. But perhaps this is on purpose, and he’s trying to suggest to them that they have the wrong worldview.

(5) The last verse of Chapter 22 and the first of 2 Nephi 1 show that Nephi and Lehi were the two teachers at the time (not Jacob or Joseph yet).


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