hierarchies that undo themselves

I’m trying to think of examples in the scriptures were there is some hierarchy that is set up that only works if the person doesn’t get proud about the hierarchy. For example, priests in Alma 13 are just trying to help everyone else get what they get. So the hierarchy sort of undoes itself, if that makes sense. A person is only in a position over someone in order that they will become equal.

The other kind of example I’m looking for is like the one in 2 Nephi 1. Lehi is trying to teach Laman and Lemuel that if they respect Nephi as spiritual leader, they get to keep first blessing –which sounds like it might mean leadership of the group. If so, they get to keep their leadership of the group if they respect Nephi as spiritual leader. If not, he ends up with both spiritual and temporal leadership. In other words, If they lose one part (spiritual), they get the other; if they won’t give up one part, they lose both parts. I’m looking for other hierarchies where if a person gives up part of a hierarchy, they get to keep the other part.

So far I’m remembering these but I’m sure there’s more!

  1. Alma 13 (many high priests have entered into God’s rest; working so that people may enter into God’s rest)
  2. D&C 84 (priests have all father hath; those who receive priests can have all father hath)
  3. 2 Nephi 1 (Laman & Lemuel)
  4. D&C 121 (amen to the priesthood of that man if used in pride)
  5. D&C 46 (spiritual gifts given for benefit of church, not for lust)
  6. D&C 50:22 (those who teach and listen are edified together)



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