Quick ideas on a MSH 2017 paper on wisdom

Wisdom — based on Mormon & Moroni, and D&C 10:

-Wise to create more than one set of records

-Wise to separate the location of these records when practical or possible

-The material is so important that it is wise to create more than one copy of the information

-Material was the gospel that many hoped would go to the Lamanites. (You can collect many references to that — Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Words of Mormon, Mormon, Moroni, etc. as well as D&C 10 itself!)

-When the pages are lost, God tells Joseph that what is important is that He can fulfill his promise, that certain information could come to the Lamanites

-Satan desires to destroy “my Work” and the testimony of Joseph regarding this work. What if their plan had succeeded, and no one would believe Joseph could translate, that he had found an ancient record, etc? Not only would there be no church, no further revelations for the church, no temple, etc., the promise that certain information would go to the seed of Lehi would not have been fulfilled. Perhaps the work of a new church and so on could have happened another way, even, but the record of Lehi’s people to Lehi’s people was promised to come forth, and that specific work would have been frustrated.

-If that specific work would have been frustrated, then in essence, the Abrahamic Covenant would have been frustrated.

-But, God’s wisdom is stronger than the cunning of the devil. And perhaps occasionally God lets it look like the devil is winning precisely so that we will appreciate His strength as He overcomes whatever the devil was doing. (This sounds a lot like places in scripture that talk about the Abrahamic Covenant, actually. When Pharaoh’s heart was hard, then God’s power could be shown to be strong; when Israel is scattered, God can show is power to the nations when He gathers them; when Alma’s people are in bondage, they see God’s hand in their deliverance, and so forth.)

-So God wisely makes sure that there is more than one way to accomplish His plans. And He also wants to make sure we know that His power is stronger than the cunning of the devil, which can only be seen if we also see the cunning of the devil. 🙂

Perhaps there is something here?

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