Revisited D&C 42:12-14

I have been revisiting my paper on D&C 42:12-14 because the volume it is in is being considered for publication soon. I had the opportunity to edit through the whole thing. I didn’t realize I had become a better writer since the last time I went through it! That was actually really good to see. I think presenting at MSH last year did a lot for that. I felt confident that the paper I presented was well written and had an academic tone and yet was my own voice. So I think that’s why when I reopened this paper, I wanted to edit through the whole thing. I’m glad I did. I think it’s a much better paper. I wish I had had more time to run over it again and again to make it tighter and have reoccuring phrases that tied things together, etc. But oh well. It’s better than it was, and has the overall voice I wanted. So that’s good!

It was really good to revisit those 3 verses. I really had learned a lot that had set me on a good path for understanding teaching. Recently, in Relief Society, we had a lesson on teaching by the Spirit and it opened up these questions again for me. It was good for me. That was a few months ago, so it was good timing to revisit my paper this past month.

I really like the idea that the Spirit can come and go to help us see which way to go in a lesson. That withdrawing a step but still being nearby is a way of communication. I wish I could think of a good metaphor for that. Any ideas? 🙂

I also struck on a way of talking about conference talks that doesn’t elevate them above scripture themselves. (Granted, if a current prophet declares a commandment or declares a change in how we interpret something, then that’s something else.) I decided to talk about them as fantastic examples of people who have studied scripture and know how to teach the principles of the gospel found in them. That is, often conference talks are a model of how to use scripture to teach. (Not all of them do, but many or most of them do!) In my paper I talk about how D&C 20 was a model of using scripture to teach, so it was natural to talk about conference talks this way. And I think it’s right.

And I have a section of the paper where I apply the whole paper to a situation where someone is training a young women leader. So the writing is more conversational. I’m not sure if it really flies, though, in an academic paper. So I’m a bit anxious to see what happens after it goes through edits. Although, technically it had been through 2 editors a while ago before the project was revisited by the Maxwell Institute for publication, and neither one of those editors made me take it out, so maybe it was ok. I think it’s a bit better now, too , so we’ll see.

Anyway, it was fun. Writing takes a long time! I was always surprised that even if I put on a show for the kids and wrote without too many distractions, I’d still only get through a few paragraphs in an hour. Between being a mom and homeschooling and hoping to get minimal cleaning done and being Relief Society president, I wasn’t sure when and how to squeeze in more time. But I did make it through the entire paper and updated the voice of it, at least! And now hopefully the editors will do the rest.

I had an email yesterday asking for it back so I sent it off, ready-or-not style, without a final read-through, so I’m a bit anxious and curious to get a response. Maybe sometime this week or next I’ll hear back.

Anyway, just blabbing my thoughts this morning.

They’re great verses on teaching, and if nothing else I’m excited about them again now!

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