Extra notes from study group

original 116 pages might not have had so much explict christ

1828 Martin Harris to typesetter — book to confirm OT

Joseph says that his mission is to gather Jews

Not foundation for Church, not another testament of Christ

D&C 10 — there’s something in this small plates that wasn’t in 116 pages and also isn’t in the rest of the book of mormon

why misdirect? plot is thicker than it looks

ANOTHER COPY because so important?  (Me)

3 Nephi, Malachi, future generations (but already have it?) -maybe for Joseph/Oliver’s sake. Maybe so latter-day saints take Malachi seriously

function of words “wise purpose” is to entice us, like things Mormon does where he says “this is only 1%” etc….

when we read small plates it outstrips us..wise purpose beyond us

wise purpose…keep covenants…show power…

preserve texts to show that he’s powerful enough to preserve texts….

D&C 10 gospel is preserved…content

Alma 32 seed, etc., plant tree in your heart and it grows

It might be that D&C 10 was received between Alma and Helaman

So Alma 37 is helpful to get Joseph thinking

D&C 5 wise purpose after lost but before any of this, any more translation, D&C 10, etc.

(sealed part, plates themselves, held back = D&C 5)

world might tamper with gold plates, like Bible, so holding back is wisdom

holding back is wisdom

Allegory — sometimes decisions don’t make sense. my wisdom

small plates preserve parts that large plates abridgment lost

brass plates and portions preserve parts that Bible lost!

Alma 37 might point to this idea.

Our OT might be a hybrid of Northern and Southern records, and that’s why there’s some oddity about record. Edit out Josephite priviledge? Ezra compiles after exile? But Nephi sees this happening after Christ, right? But also 130 AD is a good spot to look.




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