About Me

Hello! My name is Karen and I’ve been married to the wonderful Joe Spencer for over 11 years. We have 5 bright and fun kids, ages 1-10. We’re homeschooling and Joe’s working on a dissertation, so there’s lots of schoolwork going on here. :) I got my bachelor’s degree in Humanities at BYU. I am thrilled to pass on some of what I learned to my kids. My primary goal is to help them love learning and be critical thinkers. We’re helping them develop a really high reading comprehension level, since we think that will help them in every other thing they might want to study. My favorite book on education is The Ignorant Schoolmaster: Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation by Jacque Ranciere. The idea of “intellectually emancipating” someone was too thrilling to pass up, and it is what made me want to try homeschooling. (And it’s been a lot of work and a lot of joy along the way!) I’ve written up my thoughts on homeschooling in a longer fashion here.

My husband and I like to read together, and often that means reading his philosophy books together (so now I’ve learned as much about philosophy as I ever did about the humanities! :) ) We also love to study scripture together. Writing on this blog and elsewhere is only a result of the many long hours of studying we’ve done together. It’s pushed me to want to develop my reading and writing skills by studying scripture carefully and then blogging my thoughts. (It’s also a really handy way to archive thoughts and impressions over the years!) (And keeps me awake at 5:30 am!)  I also participated in a Mormon Theology Seminar on D&C 42 and presented at the conference at Southern Virginia University in September 2010 (see the Mormon Times summary here).

In the past, I blogged on scripture at Beginnings New, which was dedicated to the old YW manuals and the program generally. The site is still up but is no longer publishing new posts. I very sporadically write for Feast Upon the Word Blog, which is dedicated to scripture and teaching.

Currently, I’m mostly writing at a new blog, called “Dews From Heaven.” My friend Kim and I wanted to study priesthood together, and decided that a blog would be a nice way to write back and forth. I also keep a family blog where write up my thoughts on homeschooling, and another describing family life and news.

Thanks for stopping by! I use this blog as a place to archive my own thoughts (so I can search them later), but I love having others leave comments that change my thinking or give me more questions to work on. So feel quite free to leave a comment.



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