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Broken Heart and Contrite Spirit (October 2013 YW Curriculum)

I wanted to very, very quickly mention our YW lesson yesterday.

The Beehives and I were discussing “Becoming Christlike.” We looked at 3 Nephi 12:48 where Christ asks us to be “perfect.” Since that could mean all sorts of things we looked at all of chapter 12 to get an idea. We started on verse 19, where Christ says we need a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.” We spent a while talking about both of those phrases. Then we looked at the stories in the rest of chapter 12. Most of them use the word “heart.” We wrote up three ways in which heart was used: 1) what you care about, 2) hidden, and 3) loving everyone. We were going to read some stories from Chapter 13 but we ran out of time. They are going to read it for next week so we can talk more about it.

I really enjoyed studying scripture with the Beehives! I learned a lot. A broken heart means, or leads to, a purified heart. A perfect heart. A heart with full-purpose. A heart that is honest. A heart that loves everyone, because Christ loves everyone.

It was a nice lesson.