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Pieces put together

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Day 2: or rather, take two

Okay a totally different route.

Maybe the trouble I’m having is that I have been using verse 14 as bait, and so I frame the whole problem in terms of that one verse (and just the second half). However, my research was on all of 11-14, and my real interest is in teaching by the Spirit in general. So maybe starting out with verse 14 is backfiring.

So, how else would I frame it –

D&C 42:11-14 in their Kirtland context?

Hmm. That would account for all my research post D&C 42. And it would also account for my D&C 20/Moroni stuff, too right? b/c D&C 42 refers to it…

Um, when did the Kirtland saints first get D&C 20? how would that have influenced their understanding and their reception?

Day 1 on “My D&C 42 revised paper”: thinking out loud (well, rather quietly actually) :)

D&C 42:14 is a complex, enigmatic verse. On the one hand, no on in the church today is surprised that we ought to have a “prayer of faith” and that the Spirit is something important to seek.

On the other hand, what do we do with this part of the verse: “and if ye receive not the Spirit, ye shall not teach.”

Is this verse of scripture something we can take seriously in the 21st century?

Can we apply this verse to all members, teaching in a variety of settings?

BYU has a scripture index where you can search through all the conference talks from Joseph’s and Brigham’s recorded sermons right through October 2010 and see who has quoted a particular verse. I searched this index for D&C 42:11-14 and looked to see if anyone actually took this verse seriously enough to tell the Saints to “not teach.”

What I discovered was that most people use the verse for the first part: “And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith.” Hardly anyone mentions the second half of the verse, except once in a while to emphasize something like “See? The Spirit’s important. So teach with it.” And many, many talks simply quote the verse with no additional commentary on any part of it! Continue reading

Joseph Smith quotations on spiritual gifts, and how they relate to my own previous posts

A bit more from Joseph, and how it relates to my larger D&C 42 project.

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What Joseph Smith said about gifts of the spirit

Yay for that Teachings of the Presidents of the Church manual full of Joseph Smith quotations. 🙂

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