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Pieces put together

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Joseph Smith quotations on spiritual gifts, and how they relate to my own previous posts

A bit more from Joseph, and how it relates to my larger D&C 42 project.

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If ye receive not

After looking at D&C 46 and D&C 50 more closely, including the allusions to James 4:3 and Mormon 9:28, I think I finally have an answer to what D&C 42:14 means when it says, “And if ye receive not, ye shall not teach.” Continue reading

Working on D&C 42: Day 5 – D&C 46 and D&C 50

Okay, I swear I did a post on this a while back, but I can’t find it! And I’m wanting to get back into my D&C 42 research so it’s time to get this connection sorted out.

D&C 46 has a strong connection to Moroni 10’s list of the gifts of the Spirit. This is interesting since D&C 20 alludes and quotes so heavily from Moroni’s writings. What a book the Book of Mormon is! What a place it has in this latter-day church!

I want to show that D&C 46 builds on D&C 42 and that D&C 50 is a continuation of what is being talked about. Continue reading

Working through D&C 50

Help! 🙂

I’m trying to work through D&C 50 for a project I’m working on.

What does it mean that in verse 14, the Lord is reminding them that they were sent to teach, but in verse 15, he is criticizing them for receiving spirits they shouldn’t have?

At first, I want to just say that it means they were using the wrong spirit to teach with. But, I want to see what else the section might say about spirits and receiving and teaching so I can make better sense of things.

If you keep going in the section, then the Lord does talk about receiving, but there it is those who are being taught who are receiving the word of truth, not receiving spirits. (v.19)

Verse 31 is interesting: “if you behold a spirit manifested.” What does that mean? If we are still dealing with teaching and receiving, what does this mean? How can you behold it? How is it manifested?

-Are you watching someone else teach with a power and you desire to teach with it too?

-Are you receiving as a student, and you want to know if what you are being taught is being taught by the Spirit of truth?

-How else could you read these verses?