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D&C 46 – a hurry to get some thoughts out this morning

Ok, so Moroni 6 and D&C 20 talk about conducting meetings as directed by the Spirit. Then D&C 42 talks rather about teaching as directed by the Spirit. Then D&C 46 jumps back to talking about conducting meetings as directed by the Spirit. And then, D&C 50 goes to teaching again – or in this case, preaching! They all seem to be referring loosely to each other, but it is interesting (to me at least!) that sometimes it is about meetings as a whole, and sometimes about teaching.

(I’ve even played with the idea that D&C 42 means that you teach when the Spirit leads you to do that, rather than something else)

Yah, so what exactly is the difference between being a teacher and conducting a meeting? In some ways, lots, but in other ways??? In sacrament meeting, obviously, there is a big difference. But what about a Sunday School class? You could do any of those things listed couldn’t you? Sing, pray, exhort, preach? I have a feeling that D&C 20 didn’t have our modern-day Sunday school in mind in particular, so I wonder where to go from here.

If ye receive not the Spirit, ye shall not teach. All this concerning your teaching…

Pieces put together

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Joseph Smith quotations on spiritual gifts, and how they relate to my own previous posts

A bit more from Joseph, and how it relates to my larger D&C 42 project.

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What Joseph Smith said about gifts of the spirit

Yay for that Teachings of the Presidents of the Church manual full of Joseph Smith quotations. ๐Ÿ™‚

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If ye receive not

After looking at D&C 46 and D&C 50 more closely, including the allusions to James 4:3 and Mormon 9:28, I think I finally have an answer to what D&C 42:14 means when it says, “And if ye receive not, ye shall not teach.” Continue reading